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sylvie menier

I had a very bad-painfull ..

1. Cloves : no result
2. Salt water : no result
3. Tylenol : no result
4. Advil-ibuprofen : no result
5. Codein : no result
6. Oragel : no result

7. Vicodin : result :))
8. Ice directly on the tooth : result :))

My pain was very severe. I was in pain two days and at some point I wanna kill myself lolll its was crazy.

The emergencies room gave me vicodin pills. I took 2. I feel better. No pain.

I know its the chimic way...but I this point I had no choice.

And good luck


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When I relieves the pain you have a bacterial infection in the tooth. Get to a dentist to get treatment.

Pat McDougald

I seem to think that Vicodin (hydrocodone) is the drug of choice. It is the only drug that seems to help that type of pain. Now one knows how a baby feels when they are teething. After the Vicodin, swab really well with Anbesol gel. You will get relief for quite a while. Try not to drive while taking Vicodin. I almost fell asleep on the Interstate coming back from the dentist. Very Dangerous!

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