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I've been having problems with the ear drops my doctor prescribed not working. I talked to my grandmother and she told me that when she was a kid, before there were antibiotic pharmasuticals, they would use peppermint oil for ear aches/infection.
I mixed 1 drop of peppermint oil to 20 drops of olive oil and used 4 drops in the infected ear. My pain was gone almost instantly and I felt 75% better than I had since I developed the ear infection. Reading in some differnt herbals I found that Peppermint oil has antibiotic and anti-inflamitory properties and it's a local anastetic as well.

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I started getting ear infections when I was a teenager, and after trying to tough it out awhile went to an ear nose throat specialist who put me on antibiotic drops after doing a culture. It kept getting worse, so I went back and said I heard ear infections could be fungal, asked if that might be why it's getting worse and was told no that would have showed up in the culture. A few more sleepless nights and painful days went by and I needed another visit where it was finally decided yes it was fungal and I got antifungal drops. The good thing about a lot of these natural cures (I usually just use a little tea tree or peppermint at the very first sign) is they help with either type of infection. Saves a lot of time money and pain.


I tried this today 5/3/10 after trying hydrogen peroxide that did not work. I mixed 2 drops of peppermint oil and around 40 drops of olive oil then put 4 drops in my ear. I used a very small dropper. I laid down for like a min. then drained it out. My ear ache totally went away! Saves alot of money! thanks so much!


I used your recommendation for the 1 drop peppermint essential oil to 20 drops olive oil and my ear pain from my infection was gone in an hour and my 'underwater' feeling was gone as well!!! I love essential oils! I can't believe no doctor has ever told me this before! I always get prescribed antibiotics and it always comes back 6 months later. I personally would rather use a natural remedy.


christina, your doctor never told you this because he is making a alot of money off you everytime you use antibitotics. There are home remedies for almost any sickness!!!!! Most doctors are evil greedy business men...they invest in all the pharmacuticals they prescribe...duhhh...


How is it on children between the ages of 2 and up???

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