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I used to get bladder infection after virtually every intercourse and was getting desperate. I was on antibiotics daily. Then a foreign doctor gave me a solution. Immediately after intercourse, drink 2-3 cups of water and keep drinking lots of water throughout a day. 8-10 glasses a day. Keep flushing out the bacteria. This really works! The only downside is finding the time to run to the bathroom often but it's worth the hassle!

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Yea I had three UTI's in a year and a half and was getting very fraustrated. Then I realized I dont drink enough water throughout the day so I started drinking more and I've been fine since.


I used to get them often the secret is pee always after sex it flushes out the bacteria that causes infection and never interchange anal sex and frontal,always wipe from the front to the back.I used to have them often and in 16 years I only had one during a trip. If you do get one take uritrin and stay in a hot bath when you feel the worst and drink lots of water.


I used to get them all the time after sex with my husband. Turned out he didn't wash his hands before he peed. After we learned that, I never had another infection.

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