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Stan the Man

PLEASE everyone stop stressing about your weight. Try and be happy with who you are. Skinny, short, fat, tall, who cares?

My girlfriend died to this 'EVERY FUCKING WOMAN (or man) IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE PENCIL THIN AND WEIGH A THIRD OF A POUND OR ELSE THEY ARE SUPER SUPER FAT AND UNATTRACTIVE' shit. Now I know that that's an over exaggeration, yes, but it is kind of that way. My girlfriend wasn't the only one to literally starve herself to death just because she didn't have Megan Fox's (super hot) body. Personally, I would have taken my girlfriend over Megan. Because I luvver'd her.

And thanks to fucking idiots who look down on everyone else for not weighing 2IB's, she's dead.

DON'T end up like her.


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okok, way to contradict yourself... wanna know what the first item on ur be yourself list... SKINY! when fat people diet thats what they want to be.. did u ever notice that u never mentioned fat to the list... im sorry ur girlfriend died but you know what, people need to diet to be healther.


Hi Stan,

I am an older Christian Lady. I am sorry to hear about your girlfriend. I do agree there are extremes in both cases; in those who need to lose some weight and those who are actually thin enough. I think most would feel better who are overweight to lose some pounds and find more suggestions to do that without too much hardship. Either way a physician's advice in excessive weight concerns or in too little weight. God is the great physician and can help with inner problems we need to pray about and letting issues go;as when we may need to lose weight or not. The image of perfection t.v.,magazine covers, can be deceiving. God Bless.


I just want to note that YOU noted Megan Fox (super hot)...yeah, because she's not 180lbs. Reality is, you'd be fine is your girlfriend was healthy and thin. Problem is people try to lose weight in bad ways. healthy and DON'T overeat, over indulge. You don't gain weight unless you OVER EAT. There is no longer fear that food won't be around for days like we were when we were hunter gatherers.

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