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Stan the Man

PLEASE everyone stop stressing about your weight. Try and be happy with who you are. Skinny, short, fat, tall, who cares?

My girlfriend died to this 'EVERY FUCKING WOMAN (or man) IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE PENCIL THIN AND WEIGH A THIRD OF A POUND OR ELSE THEY ARE SUPER SUPER FAT AND UNATTRACTIVE' shit. Now I know that that's an over exaggeration, yes, but it is kind of that way. My girlfriend wasn't the only one to literally starve herself to death just because she didn't have Megan Fox's (super hot) body. Personally, I would have taken my girlfriend over Megan. Because I luvver'd her.

And thanks to fucking idiots who look down on everyone else for not weighing 2IB's, she's dead.

DON'T end up like her.


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Hurricane Jeanne

Hi Stan, I'm very sorry for your loss,weight loss can be a death sentence, I'm so sorry for her and you,


Sry Bout Ya Girl


HI, this is deep, Although more people than you think actually have to lose weight or they will be right where your girlfriend is... dead.... its sad to say but I myself am sooo out of shape that I am at health risk and so many other people are like this


Sorry about your girlfriend but i myself, just like many others who commented, need to lose weight so that i can be healthy and in a healthy weight range because you can die from being to skinny and to fat i love my body but i wouldn't love it if i died or couldn't do any active things

Michell Hebert

Dude your right about that, people are not ment to be skeletons, but the fact is there are others that do need to loose weight, not for fashion, but because of the health benefets. Obesity leads to rapid wear of cartlage, poor body functions, and bone fractures due to the extra load. Humans are not meant to be supper skinny and it is based on height. I like your message but people do need to care so that they can live life with less worries and stress. P> also causes high blood presure. Both my parrents are obese and one is over 550 lbs. I have the experience to know.


I really wish people would stop blaming it only on tv and magazines....why do you think those type of girls are in magazines and on tv? because they are attractive to the general population. i used to weight 170 pounds (i'm a 5'4' female) and in 6 months i'm down to 120. you have no idea how much more attention i get. you have no idea how differently people look at you and treat you. and i know, just like many girls and guys alike, that if i can lose just another 20 pounds, maybe i can look at myself the way others view me.

for people like your girlfriend, this isn't a choice. it's a terrible feeling to eat something and want nothing more than to just die because of how guilty you feel. when i look in the mirror, i still see that person who weighs 170 pounds, although the scale says differently, how do you look in the mirror and tell yourself that what you see isn't real?

maybe everybody should stop blaming the media for eating disorders, because they wouldn't put those kind of people on there if that isn't what we were attracted to.


Losing weight is optional. some ppl just needed to live a healthy and longer life. Others do it for beauty purposes. the ppl who are doing it for healthy reasons, dont give up! you need to do this in order to live longer. the beauty comes and goes, and if ppl dont see the beauty in you and for who you are, why should you be starving to get their attention?!!


You totally made my day. I'm overweight but I don't think starving yourself is the answer. If you people can't be happy with what god gave you then go out in exercise. I was told I have pre-diabetes. Which I don't at all. My insulin levels are fine and everytime I checked my blood sugar it was normal. All this shit in the media needs to stop. Beauty is within not on the outside. Doctors just assume that when you're fat you automatically have diabetes. You people need to get over yourselves. Having a little weight on you is no big deal as long as youre healthy

cristina m.

First I wanna say sorry about your loss losing someone you love is hard. I just wanna say don't lose weight or try to change yourself for someone else. But being healthy and happy is important. If YOU don't like somethin about yourself change it but don't let other ppl influence that desicion I'm fifteen and I started running about two monthes ago and have lost wieght. I feel great and am more positive too. But I didn't do it to be skinny like some model I did it because I wanted to be healthy nd look good. Also don't try any stupid fast weight loss tricks like starving or anything. Everyone knows, whether u want to admit it or not, that to lose weight you have to EAT RIGHT and EXCERSISE.


dude me & my sister read this & we felt supper bad. bt dude you just did me a favor!! i wanted 2 loose weight but putting my life in danger is bad so i'll stick 2 tghe old fashion way. i mean if you hav a sickness & you NEED 2 loose weight then dont do it the emature way. thanks & im sorry 4 ur loss :O

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