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Stan the Man

PLEASE everyone stop stressing about your weight. Try and be happy with who you are. Skinny, short, fat, tall, who cares?

My girlfriend died to this 'EVERY FUCKING WOMAN (or man) IN THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE PENCIL THIN AND WEIGH A THIRD OF A POUND OR ELSE THEY ARE SUPER SUPER FAT AND UNATTRACTIVE' shit. Now I know that that's an over exaggeration, yes, but it is kind of that way. My girlfriend wasn't the only one to literally starve herself to death just because she didn't have Megan Fox's (super hot) body. Personally, I would have taken my girlfriend over Megan. Because I luvver'd her.

And thanks to fucking idiots who look down on everyone else for not weighing 2IB's, she's dead.

DON'T end up like her.


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Hi stan, thank you for your message. there are a lot of people out there who really need to hear what you have to say. Though my need for weight loss is health related, the other people who do it just because do need a reality lesson.


Thank YOU!!! :)


dude lik wtf if ur lik overweight and if u have diabetes or whatever u lik seriosly fat u SHOULD lose wight and gain a healthy diet. CUZ BEING OBESED IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU. but sad that ur gf died. maybe she had anorexia? thats when u get stressed that ur fat even when your totally skinny.


Thanks for that message. However true it may be....its the people around us, the tv, the commercials, and the people that are like size 2-4. That make it hard for the girls with a few curves. Society today, says we have to look like a Victoria's secret super model. And when some people treat you like shit because you don't look a certain way...its hard. Life sucks. I have been doing crazy things my whole life to loose weight because the pressure. I have been taking diet pills since i was like 13, I used duct tape to fit into a prom dress, I didn't eat, and later passed out. But it never gets any easier. When the day comes that we have the guts and self confidence to be comfortable in the skin we have, we will be cured of this plague. But i don't see it happening anytime soon.


By the way, my condolences about your girlfriend.


Strong feelings giving away to foul language will not help get your point across.


Sorry to hear about your girlfriend.


How did she die, was it too much diet pills, or straving herself. Was it her weight. I am so sorry, but you did not explain enough to help other people with this. You should speak out or write a book. I can see how hurt you are. God do things for a reason even we don't know why, but please start up somethin speak out about her death too other and the youth. I am sorry for you lost, but look at this you have at least attemp to warn others.


Hello; I just had to comment on this really quick because it hit a nerve on both sides and I want to redeem the people who actually NEED to lose weight. Sometimes weight loss is not for beauty, as in my case. I went from a 115 lbs to 170 lbs in one year. My doctors told me that my diet and exercise was basically ridiculous and I was on the path to death. I had borderline diabetes and high cholesterol. I was always out of breath and in pain whenever I did anything that involved exercise. I was killing myself and didn't even realize it. But the weird thing is, is that I didn't even want to lose weight, I just wanted to be healthy and active. I am married with two kids so I don't need to impress anyone. Some of you girls need a reality check like his story though, because obviously his girlfriend did not have my problem. You girls are lovely just the way you are and if someone judges you on your appearance then you'd be better off without them in your life anyway. If you are a healthy individual, just make sure you stay that way and don't worry about the rest. This guy lost a love one because 'someone' said that being skinny is beautiful and that is not the case at all. So just remember young man if God bring you to it, he will always bring you through it. Keep your head up and I really appreciate you for sharing your feelings with us.


im so sorry bout ur girl:( but i have to lose weight or i could die myself.even though you are incredable right i wouldn't stress bout it if i didnt have to

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