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Ok, because everyone on this site is a dumbass, let me put the logical way to cure a nose bleed.

You can't :)

Just hold your head back, and it'll stop when it's damn good and ready.

Don't believe me?
You go right on ahead and shove anal medication (yup, someone ACTUALLY suggested that) up your nose.

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first of all thats really rude
second of all, your supposed to tilt your head foreward not back. if you tilt it back you will choke on the blood or vomit so clearly you are the dumb one


That was really rude... and there are many ways to cure a nose bleed.


umm who told u to put ur head back???? dumbass. do it if u wanna choke on ur blood. yeah try it n do see what happens...


uhmm I'm pretty sure you're the dumb one here, if you tilt your head back you will most likely A. choke on your one blood or B. get a blood clog in your brain. you're supposed to tilt your head forward.


Not rude had me

laughing so much my nose bleed stopped yup hahaha

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