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I'm in my 30's & I don't use lip balms or vaselline. The bumble bee vomit. (aka-honey) is what works for me because is known & used since ancient times to absorb & retain moisture deep into the skin including our own lips. This has been truely a wonderful moisturizer for my chapped lips. Also, because honey never spoils, you'll have plenty left + you don't have to keep buying it every week or every month. So go on & don't be afraid to dab some on your lips. Little goes a long way. I personally prefer the 'Really Raw Honey' brand because it's thick & creamy to begin with. You can get it online or at a natural foods store. Any honey is also fine although I haven't used the traditional ones. I exfoilate my lips w/ a washcloth you can also use a toothbrush then take some of raw honey & apply a thin layer overnight. Since I'm a back sleeper this works for me. I only do this at night.(Usually I Sleep 6+ hrs) I've even notice a pretty pink healty glow. Give it a try. You can go to their web site. That where I went & got this tip. I also alternate w/ EVOO which is also moisturizing. (extra virgen olive oil) because I use honey a lot as a substitute for sugar & other skin remedies. Hope it works out for you. To sweet & soft lips. (*^_^*)

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my sister tried thast over night 4 her chapped lips heer lips got a bit bettere but it didnt help that much

sparkly blobs of joy

i tried this but i couldn't stand having honey on my lips.i eventually licked it off :D


Such a deep awnser! GD&RVVF

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