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Simply put.. rubbing achaol I use the 91% but any would do it kills and desvolves the nit glue.... it smells and hurts if get in eyes but spray bottle work if u needed just drench wait and wash good the. Drench again cheak each time they will go it also kills the nits before they hach... BE CAREFULL. For the eyes

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Does peroxide work?


do not use peroxide it will dye your hair bleach blond


I have done this methond on my daughters and it worked. Just don't use on a child that has asthma. And it is best to do the outside. I have tired everything including the prescibtion med the dr gave us. Nothing has worked execpt this method.


I tried this with my boys and it worked like a charm. I just saturated their hair and run a nit comb through it and had them wash their hair. Took another look and could not find one nit.
Thanks so much


Works great and immediate results!!


Im Alexus And Not A Mother. Im A Teenager.But I Have Always Had Lice Problem..! I Have Tried Everything Including RID But I Keep Finding These Little Bastards In My Hair..! I Hav A Sister That Lives In Tx And Comes Down Alot. She Usually Comes With Head Lice..! The Sad Part Is That Nobody But Me And My 8 Year Old Sister Get Them..! I Recently Got Them And Dont Wantt My Dad To Find Out. My Parents Are Divorced And Hate Each Other..! My Dad WouldKill Me If I Had Them.I've Been Looking Online For Remedies With Supplies At Home.Im Gonna Try This Out And Hope It Works As I See All These Comments are good.
P.S.-do You Need A Lice Comb?


Wondering can you get a separate lice comb without having to get the whole lice kit???

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