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Rub on the teeth a paste of baking powder and water.

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PMSL You lot are so bitchy! lol And i thought my night couldnt get any better! Anyway, I'll try some of these!! Lx


you guys are all dumbasses
does this work or not?


It's soda not powder!!! If it works so well you should know what it is. By the way, tried it, don't work all that great!!


What intelligent conversation.


haaaa too funny those of you that couldnt stick to subject......need a life......


there are a shit load of predators on this page. oh and ya it does clean.


I tried this and now I have AIDS.
Thanks a lot.


I smoke drink tea and coffee, i used the soda for the first time and i cant belive how clean they feel and look well worth it and miles cheaper than the stuff that on sale.
to the babies on this site why dont you wait till you've lost your baby teeth first and wait till you've grown your big teeth cause a proper woman only wants someone with big teeth not baby teeth lol


Timothy get a life! (First page)


i dont find any of this funny its so sad

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