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Rub on the teeth a paste of baking powder and water.

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now this person knows what they are talkin' about. Baking soda has been a remedy in my family for a long time.


haha weve gone off the subject of teeth whitening onto picking up girls then on to preditors haha fun time :)


blah blah blah...people it the old fashioned way an BRUSH UR TEETH!


I think anyone who says they are 14 and a guy on a public random cite is definatley a chester! but i definately think this whole comment conversation going on is the best thing EVA! it makes me laugh. but thanks for the teeth whitening tips


Ear wax is the best way to make your teeth whiter. Nuff Said


Hey Shrek good idea on the last comment. earwax really helped me! BEWARE don't swallow I repeat.. DON'T SWALLOW! it tastes really bad! It's ten times worse than baking soda.


Maybe some of you need to wash your mouth out with good'ol soap as well. since when did profanity and crude remarks make anyones teeth look nice?! By the way thanks for the teeth whitening tips!


Wud u recommend this? i wana gt ma teeth whiter but i duno if dis works. ma gf finks thy rnt tht gr8 nd shud b a lil beta thn thy r. also 14 male guy, im a 14 yr old male and i have much beter ways of meeting ppl than puttin ma addy on a teeth whitening websyt :P. lol.


why the hell are you posting your email on a home remedy site? that seems stupid...


What the heck?? I am trying to get advice on whitening my teeth, trying to save some $, Who are you freaks? This is my first time getting on this website and my last, no one seems serious and the profanity is outrages. Thanks for the motivation, I will pay to see my dentist!

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