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Rub on the teeth a paste of baking powder and water.

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What a place to go looking for a date hahaa…It seems pathetic but you got to admit it's funny to come across a male guy looking for a girl amidst posts about teeth-whitening. =Þ


yeah lol but how safe is it really to give out your email to have no idea who could write to you and just cuz they say their 14 well maybe their fifty. Sorry....just thought I'd say that. if you want to know more watch the news.

As for the teeth- brush with baking soda rinse off. its really really salty.


also, watch out for predators who SAY they're 14...sorry, kid.

terrie x x x x

just sprinkle baking soda on your tooth paste then brush your teeth for at least 2 mins you will soon notice the diffrent. x x x x x x x

cut the bullshit

dear girl,
people's teeth are not cakes. cut the bullshit.


i think he meant male 'gay' instead of guy.. maybe he wants to try something new? who knows..poor kid.


look at that guy's email address. tinytimandrandi. hmmmm... TINY??? not a good way to pick up chicks. NOT impresive.


Post your comments on the remedy not your personal lives and thoughts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cut the bull caca


oh yeah didnt work


lol this is so funny this web site was meant 2 be for whitening remiedes and people are putting in there personal info. bdw im 13 and im a girl lol but u cant have me ! lol im already taken :)

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