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My husband is a hunter and he swears by using diluted Pine Sol cleaner. Just mix a bath with Pine Sol added and soak for about 10 minutes. Chiggers dead and gone.

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Nick Wilson

My friend recently was attacked by a plethera of chiggers ... By using this remedy we were able to rid him of is painful and itchy situation... I beleive it's the prolonged soak that does the killing while the pine sol gives a nice remedy for stinky foot syndrome thanks for the tip.... Mr. Hunter guy


Went to Arkansas hiking and camping with my son and grandson. We layed in the grass watching the stars and telling stories for about an hour. I never had chiggers before. It took me a couple of days before I noticed them. Took off my shirt second night and...OMG...thought I had some disease. Started itching. One of my sub-contractors told me what I had and about Pin-Sol. Added 2 cups into my bath for a couple of days. Fantastic!!

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