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ok last year i had the same problem like all of you

if your tooth is hurting bad for about 2 weeks thats a serious problem??? if you are one of the people here who is suffering with a toothache
i sujest you tried the following:
Mexican REmedy. Take a warm shower 2.
when you get out of the shower
right away por some alcohol on your face and all over your body But do this in tHe night wear some warm clothes because youre going to sweat a lot ! because it helps to relieve the pain and is calming the nerve from the bad toothache, try to see if this remedy helps u it help me whenever i have a bad toothache
if that doesn't help tried the following

2. Get a clean sock put Beans inside your sock put it on the microwave let it
heat up until 2-3 minutes.. (only) do this everyday until you start noticing a abscess like alittle bump where the affected area is please Get your sock of beans and put it on the area where you're feeling the pain.... on the side of your cheek or where the toothache is bothering you (please don't bite on the sock :}} just roll it on your face So don't worry if you start noticing your face red is normal because what this those is kllling the bacteria and thats what you WANT ! you want Results!

3 drink lots of warm milk that helps too

4. also drink some liquor too it helps a lot to relieve the pain and it also kills all the bateria.

i hope my Mexican remedy helps all of you:D

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Liz M.

Thanks for the Bean Bag idea. I have had a tooth ache now for 4 days. Like many people on here I can't afford a dentist at this time.
I tried some of the remedies and none worked. Got out the castor oil ,rubbed my jaw good in it and applied your bean bag and it is much better. At least I don't feel like crying now. Like the way the beans roll easily on my face and it stays hot a long time. Thanks again.

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