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Jessy G

I have THE most annoying wart... it was next to my fingernail, and it didnt bother me. It sometimes has the odd couple of black dots on. It was just kinda embaressing. Then it started to grow, and the fingernail next to it turned a little yellow at the edges, plus it hurt, so I decided to so something about it. I though maybe i could pull it out (rubbish idea!) but i managed to get to where the said of where bootom of the wart was - beneath is is soft skin, but it hurt so much i couldnt actually pull it out. Plush all my friends began to notice too, so im trying this other vinegar (white wine) which is out of date, and I hope this has made it more acidic!. Any how has anyone had anything like this??? Will post back if it works!!!!!

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So, i'm trying to get rid of my warts as well,and i have tried picking them off---DANG that hurts, but anyways, my advice to you, no matter how weird it sounds, but anyways, get some Dr. Scholls liquid wart remmover, put some of that on your wart, let it dry and then put duct tape on it. The Duct tape blocks the light and most air from it, leaving it to die--kinda like a plant...but give it a shot!! let me know how it works for you. It seems to be working for me!(:


after reading all the comments.. i think i would be trying the apple cider vinegar to remove the warts from my hands. Will post back if it works. :-)

nana kwame

The apple cider vinegar works perfectly.the small ones can come off within a day after applying it but the bigger ones takes some time before falling off. I was able to remove some around my genitals but I have realize some has appeared on my feet and the back of mine hands.but they are very small so I just took a sterile niddle to end all the small ones up and after I coated it with a nail polish. It kind of hurt when you are doing it but know pain no gain. I have ended all up except a big one under my scrotum and am gradually using the cider vinegar for that. Besides I have plan eating healthy to boost my immune system so that the body can fight against it I have started with chewing garlic and also going for green tea. Sometimes u just have to endure pain to succeed.

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