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Make a paste of equal parts lemon juice and salt and apply to yellowing spots.

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This remedy, as mentioned before, is not at all good for you. It is okay to enjoy lemon juice on food once and while, but there are safer and better ways to make your teeth whiter.


I think dentists are ripping us off by telling us that the only safe way to whiten your teeth is by buying products. Hello! Those products have tons of chemicals in them. The home remedies that are posted here are using natural things. Everyone always posts comments on how they heard that it will weaken your teeth. I've never heard that before i came here. Those people are freaks


Cut the bullshit, you are much smarter when silent.
Please, your logic is too much to handle.


Lemons and salt makes Hydrocloric acid which is in your stomache. Diluted in a sink full of water is good to take off chemicals on fruits but imagine what a strong version of that does to your teeth. Not a good idea.

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