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Make a paste of equal parts lemon juice and salt and apply to yellowing spots.

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I have been told by several dentists that this remedy is a VERY bad thing to do, the reason it whitens is because it eats away some of the calcium on your teeth, and can make the enamel weak and cause more harm than good!!


that is true. lemon juice removes the tooth's natural enamel


Yep,the other comments are right! I LOVE lemons but i halft to hold off because i dont want the shiney stuff to go away!


We all agree that lemons are NOT the way to go. Lemons also ruin any dental work that you have had done, and very quikly


Do y'all think limes do the same? I'm crazy about limes but it seems like it'd do the same.


Whoever came up with this remedy is stupid! Lemons, as mentioned, eat away enamel which is sort of like a protective covering for our teeth! I DO NOT want to end up with rotten teeth!! TO all you people out there, do not go for this remedy!!!


I'v been doing this same remedie for 7 yrs.I have beautiful shiny white teeth!!!

cut the bullshit

daer girl,
how dumb can you get? lemons are yellow and therefore will make your teeth yellow not white.
cut the bullshit.


lemons may be a good remedy for bad breath, but not for teeth. if you haven't noticed yet!


dudes stop worrying about your teeth and just do it its fun and all the kids are doing it ,itll make you look cooler and wont get you high

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