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I just had to add my two cents. I've seen some really bizarre home remedies on this forum, but please try Vinegar its cheap, all natural non-toxic and on the money!!!

I had athletes foot for close to 40 years. I got it as a teen camp counselor when I monitored kids from the poolside while barefoot. Last Summer I just happen to read about the vinegar cure online which recommended soaking feet in a small amount of vinegar added to warm water. But Instead, I did my usual 1/2 cup bleach to a foot tub of hot soapy water with my usual cool water rinse, scrape, scrub and dry pedicure routine.

Then, being the extremist that I am, the NEXT DAY after showering I put some undiluted vinegar in a smallish spray bottle and THOROUGHLY sprayed my feet 2- 3 times daily for about 3 weeks. It was Summer and I was usually in flip flops or open sandals. The Vinegar was quite cooling and the itching stopped immediately. But what I finally figured out, which only two of the 71 respondents on this forum barely mentioned, is that:


so that you don't re-contaminate your feet. Funny I don' recall reading that on all those tubes of Dessenex, Tinactin and Lotrimin I've consumed over the years.

I got a bottle of vinegar and poured a little in the toe area of EVERY PAIR OF SHOES I OWN. I swished it around then THOROUGHLY wiped the insides out heel to toe. I even put a few pairs in the sunlight to dry. Not only did the acidic vinegar kill the fungus but it also acted as a natural deodorizer so my shoes were all smelling 'springtime fresh' when they dried- not at all vinegary.

I am happy to say I am 8 months athletes foot free, I have NOT had one ferocious midnight itching episode since my treatment; and. my feet are actually starting to look attractive. I'm finally looking forward to being barefoot on the beach.

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it seems like a good idea ive done alot of house keeping in my time they say bleach is bad for your skin but its has always been good to me, and vinigar is normal used for sun burn itching dont know why i did'nt think of it but will try this and see if it works!


I too am a vinegar soak advocate. I have had athletes foot recurring for years, and have tried every kind of cream,spray and powder known to man kind. The vinegar soaks worked and I am also going to get vigilant on spraying my shoes with vinegar. I'm curious about the Lysol also. Sounds like a good idea.

Jessica Adams

this is my first time ever having athletes foot and i am trying your idea. honestly right after i put the vinegar on it i could already start to see a difference. my athletes foot is just starting to spread and so i hope this cure will catch it and get rid of it quickly! thank you for your easy and cheap idea!! saves me time and money :)


I've had my Athletes Foot for roughly 20 years. I got it from showering without flip-flops while in the military. I've tried just about every foot cream, spray - you name it. Oddly enough, none of them worked. All they did was temporarily relieve the pain and as soon as I stopped using it would come right back.
Now for the good news. As you can guess after 20 years with athletes foot one would be willing to try/do just about anything - Well, I took your advice and low-n-behold - IM FINALLY FREE FROM ATHLETES FOOT.
VINEGAR WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I used a spry bottle and regular vinegar every night after showering... Would let it air dry. For the first few days - when applied caused some serious pain - it was hard at work killing whatever fungus I had. After a week of use, my skin between my toes and the surrounding area is almost back to what it was 20 years ago... I still can't believe the cure was something as simple as 1 bottle of vinegar.
Actually, the reason I'm writing this is because my wife gets hives every summer like clockwork - I mentioned she should try spraying some vinegar on it - Bam! Noticed a difference in 15 mins. Anyways, thank you a million times... I thought Id die with this problem. I'm a new man!

Thanks James for the testimonial. I hope it will encourage others to seriously try it too. I want to shout the vinegar cure from the rooftops; Or maybe go hang out in the pharmacy aisle at Walmart and remove off all of the very expensive and toxic anti fungal creams and replace them with spray bottles of vinegar.

BTW this month makes one year that I am completely atletes foot free. I wish I could upload a photo of my feet. mine also haven't looked this good since I was a pre-teen.


Vinegar is great stuff! It's done wonders for my feet too. Also, I've been using vinegar instead of fabric softener in my washing machine for about 6 months. I was sceptical at first, but now I love it.

Cracked, bleeding fingertips hurt!!!

I can't afford $150 for a tube of lamisal? but i've been viglant in using OTC creams. i don't have the vinegar here - yet. but i do have clorox and i plan to soak in that this afternoon. my fungus is on my hands ... after giving someone a foot massage about a year ago!!! HE should have told me. He WAS a friend - but no longer. I'm hoping this begins to work for me. Would you suggest wearing cotton gloves or latex gloves??? What about food preparation ... am I spreading this stuff in making foods?????


Might be a stupid question but, what type of vinegar do you use? I have Distilled white vinegar, not sure if it'll work though. Thank in advance :D

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