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Here is my remedy that is as simple as it sounds. take some salt put it in warm water and swish it in your mouth for about 15-30 secs. then apply some teeth treatments such as Oragel. Then take about 1-2 tablets of ibuprofen (if you have of course.)then take some sleeping pills. that's exactly everything i did in that order and it helped me dramatically. you can also skip the sleeping pills unless you want to get knocked unconscious as fast as possible for relief and go to bed. but if you are going to bed you should just skip the ibuprofen unless you think it will help you keep the pain off while you try to sleep. if you do the sleeping pills outta work and you'll sleep like a baby. only unconscious (not literally.) but remember this remedy is for immediate relief and for trouble sleeping due to a tooth aches.
in my opinions of the remedies i've tried that were listed on this site the peanut butter one only lasted for a few seconds (for me.) also the vanilla extract only worked for 2-3 mins but cut the pain down about 50%. once again that was only me. I really hope this works and good luck finding other remedies for your pain if mine doesn't work. please please please email me and tell me if it worked or not. my email is thnx!

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Hi, I have a problem with my wisdom tooth. It is growing out, crooked, and its breaking through my gums, and it is swollen and painful. It hurts to eat, and it hurts when I open my mouth. Right now, I am taking 15 drops of Oregano oil under the tongue and chasing it with water, I am also taking Goldenseal and garlic pills to try to kill any possible infection. I am rinsing with salt water, oregano oil, and echinacea extract. On top of that, I have packed salt on the area to try to kill any infection, and hopefully bring down the swelling. As well as ice on my cheek, and drinking cold liquids. SO far, everything is helping...I will have to keep doing this to see if it goes away, I have a good feeling about it. Wish me luck. I do feel a bit better though after doing all this once. Good luck to all who feel horrible and who don't have dental insurance like me!

christy mcfalls

i have had a toothache all day so i started looking for home remedies well i kinda bits and pieces and put them together. heres what i've done: i took a wash rag and wrapped it up in plastic wrap and stuck it in the microwave for thirty seconds and stuck on the side of my face where the tooth was hurting. it works.

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