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Cellulite doesn't have to do with age; exercise or exfoliation even If you have liposuction it won't remove cellulite, so much for the person who calls themselve pretty smart. Cellulite is formed when your cells are weak so all that junk you put in your mourh causes the fat to be attached to the layer of your skin causing dimples, cottage cheese lookin skin. the only remedy is to eat Healthy foods like omega 3 ex: fresh fish; flaxseed fish oil vitamins it causes your cells to strenghten.

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I agree the diet has to be it! I am in my 40's gained about 7 pounds, but I started eating at my mom's 2 x a wk and 3 yrs later I found out how they prepare it. (you eat to be courteous). Grease, which I do not use. I only use extra virigin or canola... I can see the difference I had to stop!


I have eaten fruit and veggies, low carbs and drink plenty of water every day...not to mention that i exercise just a heads up, cellulite hasn't gone away!!! it's not ALL about what's on the inside...genetics are stronger than most give credit. For some it's not going anywhere.....sorry :(


Actually it is not ALL about what you eat. I take 900mg of pure fish oil a day and eat fruits and veggies at every meal or snack. I also exercice about 5 days a week. The women in my family are all of average build but everyone fights the cellulite battle. Alot of it is genes. The most my cellulite has disapeared was when I was deployed and I was doing weight training 2+ hours a day (alternating muscle groups of course) 6+ days a week. So at the end of the day, thank your genes!

Ps: One day I asked my mom why my legs where so big, if I got it from her side of the family, She proclaimed 'it's all in your genes' lol.

Dr. Czarnecki. MD

actually this is not true. granted diet has a lot to do with it, but for women cellulite is inevitable. cellulite is formed when the fibers underneath your skin are invaded by fat. The fibers pull down (causing the dimples) and the fat bulge, therefore making cellulite. This problem is mostly genetic, but there are ways to reduce it. You are correct in saying that eating right helps, but only because it reduces the amount of fat intake, therefore bringing the fibers and fat to a more equal level, reducing the appearance of cellulite. There are other remedies out there that can reduce the appearance, for example, deep tissue massage, gels and creams, and toning exercises. For the more extreme person, there are plastic surgery methods out there that cut the fibers, releasing the dimples and causing the skin to smooth out.

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