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For Poison Ivy, Pimples and such I use toothpaste. I know sounds weird but if you apply it in the area's that are needed right before you go to bed and the next day wash your face to see that it has disappeared! I found this cure on a different site and works every time.

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it does not work... liar


This is the only thing that has worked for me! I tried several remedies from this list, and toothpaste is the miracle cure for me. My Poison ivy is finally not bubbling and spreadaing anymore. It is drying up. Had turned dark red where there were blisters with not more oozing. I put it on my arm and hand, between my fingers and then wrapped a bandage around it because I was getting toothpaste on everything! I have used toothpaste on chigger bites and mosquito bites in the past, and it worked great for those too. Toothpaste has sodium, fluoride, and phosphate as the main ingredients. Thank you for posting this. (and boo to the guy that said you are a liar... he's wrong.)

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