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Make a paste by grinding dried bay leaves and dried orange peels and adding a little water. Use as a teeth whitener.

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cut the bullshit

dear girl,
are you trying to poison me? do you not realise how disgusting bay leaves and dried orange peels are? get a life and new
taste buds. cut the bullshit.


it's not poison. it's stuff that NORMAL people use in cooking and so it seems pretty safe.


hey safe gurl.... shut up be smart sumwere else


i am a dentist and i would like to know more about tooth whitening home remedies.thanks my email is


'I expected my home remedy to taste like rainbows and happiness!'
Hydrogen peroxide is delicious too!
You are wrong.
Just sit there in your wrongness and be wrong.

Also, dentist person? How are you a dentist, without a clue on dentistry?


OH MY GOD! That tasted HORRIBLE! I don't care if i even could get a brighter smile NOTHING was worth that!!!


Yum. Deliciousness. >:-)

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