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i have found a REAL remedy:

Listen, I have had GW for like 2 years, after playing around with them trying all kinds of different remedies I found a REAL one that works. It hurts a little bit, but its worth it and they go away in like 2 days.

1. take a pin and light it with with a lighter for 20-30 seconds. put it directly in the middle of the wart and hold it there for 10-15 seconds. you dont have to insert it but just hold it on the tom really tight. it will scab and fall of in 2 days. no doctor, no mess, no costs. and it REALLY works.

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This actually works really well! The initial pain is so small in comparison with the days of pain and discomfort associated with other treatments. ACV smells awful and can be time consuming to apply and reapply and eventually wait for it to work. This treatment takes only 2 days for them to go away. I do however recommend using vitamin E oil on the areas to allow the skin to heal completely.


ur full of shit now i have 2 more u suck!!!!


To the guy who said he has 2 more wars now: You are a idiot. doing this will not spread the virus. You cant scratch off the scab and dont play with yourself (or anyone else) until the scab falls off by itself.




Can anyone else confirm this actually works?


i think this works..

i had a gw, what I did to remove was burned the wart with a match stick.. when your burning it, it becomes white and seconds after it will become black. i wont hurt that much, after that thats the time I removed my wart. After I removed it i placed ACV on the spot where the wart was.. thats it... btw it will bleed a little...



is this suppose to be very painful?

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