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I discovered a cure for restless legs about 10 years ago. I would get up and pace the floor forever, but it seldom worked for very long. It occurred to me that my legs wanted something to DO, so using my background in bodybuilding, I took the shortest and most direct route, and came up with this sure-fire solution. It has never let me down. I got a two foot piece of 2'X4' and kept it under the bed. When the problem started up I would get my piece of wood (a thick book will do in a pinch, but you want the 2 foot piece of wood for stability reasons)and put it in front of the dining table. I stand putting my heels on the block with feet apart (for stability; your're probably tired, right?) I put my fingertips on the tabletop for balance and SLOWLY squat down as far as I can, keeping my head up and back flat, and return to the standing position. Pause a second and repeat, doing as many repetitions as you can do. The key is to squat down as far as possible without causing yourself low back pain. If you can only go halfway down, that's fine. If you can do deep squats, then do what your body is capable of. Don't use the tabletop to help raise yourself back up; make your legs do the work. While you may only be able to do 5 or 10 reps to begin with, work up to 20-25 reps, 1 or 2 sets max is all you're going to need to do. I find one set of 20 reps squatting down to my heels does the trick for me. Give it a try, it's fast, cheap, and believe me, it WORKS.

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cher hunter

Thank you for your idea. Made sense to me and I have no quinine. Anyway, I tought yoga for 15 years and not for the last miserable 2 years after surgery. ANYWAY...I wrote that to write this. I took your suggestion and for the first time in my life, I have injured my knee. Aaaaghhhhhh! It is all bulging and mushey. I think my body has been ruined. Thanks anyway! Cher H.


I agree with you. I haven't used your method but I have had success with doing deep knee bends when my RLS is bothering me. My legs always felt like they needed to have the blood pumped through them and this exercise sure worked for me. Unfortunately it still means that RLS is waking me up and I have to get out of bed to take care of the problem but oh well, at least it helps.

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