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So I have ALWAYS had horrible teeth. I have never had my teeth cleaned by the dentist, I have had crowns before but have always made every excuse in the world to go to the dentist, I HATE it. So anyways, My back tooth broke basically in half a few months ago, the pain was UNBEARABLE. So many sleepless nights and tears shed over this damn tooth. Well I finally managed to pay out of pocket for the extraction. The pain was gone.... Until my OTHER back tooth breaks and this time its WORSE. The broken edge of my tooth is cutting my gums and is causing about a hundred times more pain. Well I cant manage to scrounge another 300-500 bucks for another extraction, so I tried ibuprofen which is whata I used to take for my other toothache but I am like IMMMUNE to it now. OUCH. So I just bought a tube of oragel its now 10:42pm. I cake on about 1/4 of the tube on my tooth. It seemed to be working until I started typing and the pain is starting to come back. Oh dear god what will fix this?!

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What i have used in the past for a toothache is Orajel Tooth desenitizer. It is by Orajel. it comes in a blue box. It has a tube and then a qtip thing inside. it says on the box 30 days of relief but it works longer. It takes only a few moments to start working. It costs about 5 dollars. i have bought it from kmart, econo foods by the orajel stuff. i have not seen it at walmart. I swear this stuff is amazing!!!! I always have a box on hand

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