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Rub a wedge of lemon over the teeth for a quick way to clean them when no toothpaste is available.

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Lemons seem to be bad for tooth enamel- read the comments under teeth whitening.


Lemons are very acidic and can strip the enamel of teeth...if continued it will cause a lot of tooth sensitivity.


its is not good to use lemon directly its better if u try with mixture of salt and lemon


IT says 'when toothpaste is NOT AVAILABLE'....come on people...he didnt say 'brush teeth with lemon daily'.....


LOL thats funny! no he or she didnt say use lemon daily, only when toothpaste was NOT available. HOWEVER lol i am suffering severe tooth sensitivity because i used to eat lemons all the time, heard it was good for ya, but never knew it would take the emamel off my teeth, and has done so. dentist never asked me about my diet/foods i ate when i complained of this pain, just gave rinses, told to brush, yada yada. oh and give them $3000 for tooth overlays lol. ya right!

so lemons if no toothpasted is available, um ok. but no way use or eat lemon on your teeth, or in your mouth, drinks etc. i love them, but dang, have caused major trouble for my pretty teeth. well used to be pretty LOL

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