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Jamie Verri

Hello everyone! Hope everyone's teeth are doing ok today. Mine on the other hand, all i can say is, why do teeth need nerves? Why can't they just be a bone?
Ok, so I have been know to let my teeth get so bad before I Do anything about it via dentist.
Needless to say I have have gone through about 50 tubes of orajel, anbesol, Dr. Sheffield's etc. They no longer work for me and the day I Noticed this, i curled up and cried like a baby.
Well, today I woke up to what feels like a gun shot to my tooth and for some reason I wish it were a gunshot to my tooth. So here I AM reading all of your replies and I have to say thank you, thank you , thank you, to the ones who said to mix different things.
I have mixed the perfect drug for tooth ache pain and I Want to share. I have mixed warm baking soda, orajel severe pain formula, and real aspirin! The moment it hit my tooth, all my pain went away. I am shocked! I been crying real tears over this damn tooth for days now. I can not believe that this worked like it did. I mixed up a tub of it and am holding on to this stuff for dear life. It has now been 10 minutes and it is still working. Unbelievable! And I can not help but wonder why this is not on the shelf yet?
My tooth is bad too! I know I Have an absess, i know i do. BUt to add to that it is almost compleatly rotted out and the nerve is very much exposed.
I Hope hat all who have a tooth ache, even as severe as mine was, will try this.
Good luck to everyone with their teeth. I know how bad it hurts and please promise if they hurt you will try this. It is still working 20 minuted later. Thank you for reading and I Hope it helps you as much as me. I would not wish a tooth ache on my worst enemy.

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Pure mint extract, dab on q-tip and hold on gum, stings a little
mostly alcohol, w oil of spearmint and oil of peppermint, helps a lot but not completely, looking on internet, found something for around $30 a bottle w these ingredients saying mints kills germs and bad breath


I have been having bad teeth since i had my second child. Not taking enough calcuim and lack of care put my teeth in pretty bad shape. I have over 4 bad teeth and have no coverage for a dentist. I save enough money to see one so hopefully I get some tooth love. Some of the tricks on this webpage has help out alot not just with the treatments. Yet knowing I am not alone with this(that by itself ease some of the the pain I feel).Yet I do have a trick up my sleeve. Now this help for a good hour before you have to do it again. First you swish your mouth with mouthwash. Do it till it burns or you can't stand it no more.This will make sure that your mouth is clean. Then you get a piece of foil and a crush asprain and a little bit of salt. Then mix the crush asprain with the salt and dab of water to get a paste. Then you put the paste on the foil then on the tooth that hurt. It start to work in one minute and last for an hour aleast it did for me. I also add a dab mucle rub on the side of my face that in pain. Then I cover my face with a scarve to get area very warm. The pain stop and I start to feel better. I hope this help and one more thing I know this is hard thing to do but try to RELAX if you don't it just makes the pain worse. Mind over matter is a very powerful thing. If you try everthing on this page and still in pain. Go for a walk read a very good book , Watch a good movie. Do anything and everthing to forget about the pain. Cause as long you think about it the more it will hurt....SAD BUT TRUE!!!!.....And about sleep time don't force it. It will come time your body will crave sleep more then worry about pain you will pass out(belive me I went two days with out sleep because of my tooth. I finally pass out and went to sleep for six hours...lucky for me I am a stay at home mom and my husband was on vaction.) There is a sad but posite side to this you end up for a high tolarece for pain :)


I didn't have any Orajel, so I decided to try sore throat spray. I figured that it had the same numbing effect, and it worked! I just took some and massaged it around the sore tooth. I think it will get me by until I can see my dentist. I am no longer tempted to dig my husband's plyers out of his toolbag!


Hey I have been in pain, I mean pain for the last week or so. Nothing has allowed it ti ease. I went to the doc today and got lortabs and surprise! No help. I ran across this remedy and it is honest the only soothe I've had and one whole week! Thanks so so much!


hi i currently have serious pain in my tooth, i know the nerve is exposed and i cannot get an emergency dental appointment until tomorrow, sadly every one of the remedies on here require ingredients i do not have to hand. It is a top back tooth with a hole in it, the filling has fallen out and i know the nerve is exposed it feels like an electric shock. I just tried the salt water thing, didnt work, i am sitting with bread stuffed in and around that tooth, seems to be helping ease the pain.


My face feels like it's giving birth, but anyway for my severe pain I have mixed clove extract(3-4 drops)and Kava Kava extract(60% grain alcohol 3-4 drops). placed on a Q-tip and on the aching area for about 15 min. the Kava Kava helps to relax, but I'm sure any alcohol will work. It really worked, thank you all for your comments.


Haha i totally agree with you !! Why do teeth have freaking NERVES !!! Worse pain ever ... Currently in pain, and trying pretty much everything, its all temporary. But i think Clove Oil is the best remedy, based on what everyone said here and on another forum. It kills the nerve. And thats what we wanna do :)

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