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First off, I want to make it clear that the one thing no one seems to mention is that while these remedies may work to get rid of the wart(s), the virus that caused it is still there and therefore you are still able to transmit this to another partner, so USE PROTETCION. Don't knowingly give someone the same shame you once had simply because you do not currently have a 'breakout'.
Secondly, my approach at tackling this was far more barbaric thatn anything I've read here. I'm a male and I first realized I'd gotten this crap gift of warts when I was 20 years old. That was almost 15 years ago and there was no internet to look up home remedies, so my answer, don't cringe, nail clippers. Pain and a LOT of blood and naturally, it came back right away. But, being relentless, I used the nail clippers again, and again, and again, and wouldn't you know, after a few times it never came back. Now that it is 2010, I suggest using a method that is less brutish and save yourself some pain.

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i just got this virus, what are the chances that my immune system will fight it off, i have quite a few in the inside and outside of my anus. what makes you stick with this for more than 15 years???? is this common???


supposedly the CDC says that after two years 90% of people fight of the virus... in the rare cases the longest recorded case was 10 years and then spontaneously they went away. Best of luck


You have to wonder if these infections that are lasting 15+ years are the result of reinfection or infection with multiple strains. This person certainly hasn't been abstaining for the last 15 years (that would suck).


What happens if you dont use protection?


that must have left some wicked scars

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