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I just used the hair blower on a candida that my doctor said would never get rid of.
I blowed twice a day 2 or 3 minutes as hot as I could stand.
It disappeared.

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What do you mean you blow your Candida?
Where did you blow?


Candida lives and thrives in moist areas, so why would want to and heat. you should keep the area dry and away form anything damp or moist.


Well that's the point, isn't it. The hair drier dries up the candida. It sounds like a great way to get rid of external yeast, but I suggest the afflicted person get rid of it internally too.

Rocky in TX

Your "cure" did absolutely nothing for the massive internal candida fungus living inside of you. What you "blew" away was merely a small topical outbreak... RESEARCH what you're up against

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