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The only thing that has ever worked for my fever blisters is EAR WAX. It sound gross but its true. It goes away the same day or sometimes the next day. If you can catch the blister when its trying to come, you can actually prevent it from coming at all. I have tried everything. You gotta try this

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Have heard of this from my mom. she tells me do to this all the time.


Really ? Wow ok I guess I'll give it a try


I first heard of this remedy 40 yrs ago. It definitely works. Ear wax dries the the blister. I notice ear wax build up eveyday. But when I get a blister strangly the build up in my ear is almost non existant. Wonder why?


I read this one a Monday at work with a new blister coming up...i was prepared to be in pain and ugly for a week...i tried the ear wax and my blister didnt form and I was blister free by Wednesday...Thank you, thank you!!! Never will I spend my money on Abreva again...funny thing is I didnt have much wax in my I used my


Omg yes yes yes.....ear wax does work! I woke up this morning wit like six of them sitting on my lips mind u I have an interview and work today and my boyfriend is taking me! Omg hopes this thing kicks in fast! But yes ear wax service does work and your right by the time u need some its almost always non exsticense.

Blister Sufferer!

The wax film behind your ear works just as good as the wax in your ear. I have placed it on lip at first sign of tingle and the blister clusters never form. I have done this at another time when I didn't catch it in time(after popping blisters), and it clears up fast! I recommend this technique!




This is so true.I thought it was so gross when my mom told me about it but really does work!


It works!!! Also, for bad pimples that just wont go way ,you know!!


How long does it take for it to work???

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