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Eating light only keeps you from puking more...the Italian method, eat a greasy filthy Italian salami, proscioutto fresh mozzarella sandwich with mustard or olive oil. Drink a few beers, and whatever you do stay away from the smell of diesel fule. Caffeine is a killer,dont do it. Alcohol is really the best way to not get sick, you will still feel awkward motion, but it wont bother so much. Be well.

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This has got to be the worst advice ever posted...


i agree wth


this is the worst thing ever. I'm on a non-greasy diet, and BEER TASTES LIKE PEE.


r u KIDDING???!!!! ALCOHOL!!!

65 year old non drinker

fyi: went on my first boat ride(5 hours)
got very very seasick. I do not drink but captain gave me a light beer. I was nervous, since I am not a drinker but sipped it. by 1/2 can I was no longer sick. I think it works.

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