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I have had TOOTH PAIN for many years and no insurance or money for a dentest so i tried just about everything and if it is nerve pain from a tooth i have a remedy that will work for up to 3-6 months first thing you need is a fresh clove of garlic and the will to want it to go away!!! first cut the garlic down to fit in the area of the pain then make sure that there isnt any of the outer coating on it place it in the area of the pain bite down a little intell the juices and oils of the garlic starts to release from it. then here is the hard part you need to leave it in your mouth for about 2-4 hours!!! that is to kill the nerve but it will grow back the mouth has the fastest regenaration in you whole body!!! it will burn a little but that is burning your nerve!!! thats what you want in about 2-4 hours you are good for a couple of months tell the nerve grows again and repeat the processes.......

For normal tooth pain best thing i found is clove oil try putting on only temp fix though

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juan bossler

i want to say thank you for the remedies but just say you forgot to mentiong the oils ind flavor of the garlic will tast and burn while working but it help with the pain and i do ihave a bad tooth and not it is gone i think i will try this again if it keeps up or comes back


I have had bad teeth for years and dentist is too expensive so this garlic in mouth thing is working and the burning is not as bad as the excruciating pain the tooth gives me........ Thank you


Freakin' A!! That burned the hell outta my gums! I did manage to get a piece into the hole in my tooth and it's throbbing away. But I tried a piece of garlic on the outside of the tooth next to the gum line where the gums have receded, and had to take it out 5 minutes later before I put my head through a wall!
I'll book mark this page and comment back in 4 hours when it's time to take the garlic out.

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