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I can most certainly relate as I have dealt with all the negative aspects of Angular Chelitis, having had it in active form myself for close to a year, if not more. I tried everything & finally came across this stuff.

I came across an article that said Angular Chelitis can be either yeast caused, bacterial, and fungal, or a combination of the three, which I believe I have had.

So, I did some research & found this ointment. I used it twice daily for a week, then at bed time by the beginning of the second week.

(Silver Sulfadiazine) Cream 1%

Google it.

I bought it on Amazon, but you can probably find it elsewhere. I did not need a prescription. I have NO connection financially to gain. I only want to help others get relief & their smiles back!

I haven't had a recurrence in over a MONTH! I waited till I was crack free to spread the news. lol

It had been active for what seemed like an eternity. I was SO miserable with the cracking, pain & bleeding, not to mention embarrassed by the way it looked.

Best of luck & God bless!

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Thank you for your honesty!!! Very rare in today's world!!!

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