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Robin Richardson

Take asprin yes asprin rub it on the spot that is in pain and the pain will go away trust me!! I was in school full time work part time had a bad tooth and it hurt soo bad i did the asprin and it worked

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Rev. Steve

No Offense, but this is not a good Idea! According to http : / /www. dentalgentlecare. com/emergency_dental_alone .htm

'Rubbing aspirin on your gums to numb an aching will do more harm than good. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can burn and damage gum tissue.'


Very true, it can cause more problems but its only meant to be temporary until people with insurance can get into a dentist. unfortunately it takes 3 weeks minimum where I live to get into one. I've found that a heating pad helps sometimes too or heating up a sock filled with rice in your microwave. Neither help much if your pain is to great tho.

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