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Okay, may I just say that I am a HUGE skeptic when it comes to most home remedies. However, that has recently changed quite a bit. I had an extremely large and painful boil on my groin, that would not come to a head. I found this site, and noticed alot of posts about using Campho-phenique on it. I thought that sounded rediculous, so I didn't try it. That was until later that night. The boil had become so painful that I couldn't walk, or roll over in bed. I got up, washed the boil and surrounding skin, then applied a generous amout of Campho-Phenique to a guaze and pressed it lightly over the boil. It burned like nothing else, but I held it there for about 5 minutes, and the burning started to go away. That is when I pulled the gauze away and noticed that it had already came to a head and started draining. No kidding, 5 minutes, and it was working. I again washed the area, applied a clean gauze, and went to bed. I got up this morning, and the boil is almost completely gone, and the best part, no more pain! So, next time you have a boil, try Campho-Phenique, it works :)

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how big was the boil? because i have one now that is huge, hard , and painful also on my genital area.


i am gonna try this; thanks! use gauze to cover or a bandaid?


After I read your story, I ran to Walmart after work and picked up a small bottle of Campho-Phenique $4. I had been in irritating pain all day at work and needed some relief fast. I took a warm bath with epsom salt first, then put the Campho on a gauze and bandaged it overnight. The next morning I awoke with pain, but soon as I took the bandage off to check it, the boil ruptured. I have been pain free since. Thanks!

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