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Pure Vanillia. Rub a small amount on the babies gums to relieve the pain of teething. But it must be real vanillia not the imitation stuff.

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Traditional vanilla extract is made of rum or vodka and a vanilla bean. Rubbing liquor on the gums will have the same effect as the vanilla extract.

sarah lee

yah duh!using alcohol like our mothers did back in the old days seemed to work out just fine-were not all alcoholics!:)


I don't think the sarcasm is necessary. Just politely disagree.


I agree sarcasm isn't necessary


Thank you so much!!!!!! My 18 month old is getting several teeth at once and hasn't been sleeping. If I hadn't seen this I was going to have to wake my hubby up for a late night ride to Walmart for teething meds. I rubbed her gums with a few drops of pure vanilla extract and within 5 min she was finally sleeping. Again thank you so much!

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