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D Stahl

Ingrown toenail -- had 'em often. Nowadays I try to cut away the granulation with a fresh sharp blade, single-edge razor for example, till I expose the 'hook' that's digging in. Could be the cuticle, or a crack in the nail itself.

Clipping the 'hook' just kicks the can down the road, in a lot of cases. I picked up a home acrylic nail kit at the drugstore, for about $5, and use it to rebuild that corner of the nail. Take some of the sticky-back foil, put on cardboard, that comes with the kit, and slide it back till it's past the 'hook.' Then just paint on the acrylic.

Usually it's durable enough to last till the 'hook' grows out. And it's instant relief.

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Ha! Thanks for the input, but I don't have a clue what the heck you're talking about! 'Hooks', acrylics?!


Acrylic is plastic bro

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