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hope this helps.. I did much research on this subject Im 30 yrs old and have been with my girlfriend for 5 yrs. I was with about 20 women my whole life mostely with condoms but not all so to say who gave them to me is IMPOSSIBLE but To my surprise I found out I have genital warts I am active eat pretty well. I know a little about viruses in that you cannot cure it or get it out of your system as with any virus, all you can do is kick it in the butt. FIRST.. The Immune syste.. eat right and excercise, Sit in a sauna as much as possible for as long as safetly possible. Also if you have any mercury (medal) in your mouth you are poising yourself. When you have the money have your filings changed out. SUPPLEMENTS,, Vitamin D new research shows immune system needs D to activate T cells in the immune system with out D. the virus can go forever without even realizing it has a problem. Mainly thats why you grow warts. (body doesnt think theres a problem.) I also do elderberry mainly thats just because everone else says it works. Also take my multivitamins C,D use liquid Vitmain E on the skin OK The WART like I said your immune system does not know there is a problem so you have to draw attention to that area by damaging the skin and in turn the immune system will locate the wart and fix that as well. Most Wart MEDS have some sort of fancy acid mix to attack the tissue and boost immune response. You can do this on your own but home remedies you have to be VERY CAREFUL and you only have one try or else you will keep damanging the the same skin over and over until you are in great deal of pain and takes weeks to heal. Apply ACV in a small amount to the area. leave on for 8-10 hours. Then remove wait 16 hrs. As the skin will react to the acid in the ACV apply vitamin E to the area to prevent scarring and encourage growth of new skin as the body reacts to the irrated skin the skin will die along with the wart tissue turing black and falling off.

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Do you just dab some ACV on or do you have to keep a soaked cotton ball on the area?

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