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Use a eyemakeup remover pad and put extra virgin olive oil on it.
Then rub on all your visible teeth for 5-10 minutes, depending on how much of a difference you want to make to your teeth. Then brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.
The first time i did this i personally wanted whiter results after the first time so did it twice more straight after.

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I just read this yesterday to use olive oil and a make up pad. I went home and tried it last night and right away I noticed a difference. I was wondering how I could 'floss' between my teeth with the olive oil. So I took my regular dental floss and soaked it in the olive oil and flossed my teeth like I usually do. Trust me when I say my teeth were pretty yellow as I drink a lot of sweet tea. This suggestion worked well for me and I will probably do it a few times a week.


I don't usually buy into these crazy ideas, but I tried this and I definitely noticed a difference the first time, I can only imagine after the 5th or 6th time! For those that don't think this works, are you rubbing it on long enough, using EXTRA virgin olive oil?


I tried this and it really did work, but I found that I had to keep rubbing for more than 5-10 minutes to really see much of a difference. Try maybe 15-20 minutes and run through it a couple of times.


i just have a question, is the eye make up removing pad you are talking about is the moist ones? or the dry round pads,like a cotton pads? im sorry got it confused

fei tzu

i just try it few hours ago using your remedies ;D its work! cool! not white like you did a bleaching, but mine, getting white than before.


Also I just tried using extra light olive oil and I noticed a HuGe difference fast!!!


with E.V.O.O. and the rag, you are not whiting your teeth, what you are doing is actually polishing them. they may appear white, however they are still stained. however the polishing of the teeth is not damaging to the tooth and the gums.

this is the same effect as when you go to the dentist and they clean your teeth with the past and the rubber brush.

its one of the things that they taught us in school, i am a RDA, polishing will help to clean, but will not remove stains.


Well, I thought.. what the hell I'll give that a shot....Only tried it for a few minutes then cleaned my teeth with my normal toothpaste.
It did seem a little whiter but Boy did they feel smoother and cleaner.



I just tried the olive oil and I added also lemon juice. It is working. They are a bit whiter indeed after only 5 min.
I will try it every day for a week and see the results. I know that olive oil is good to cleanse your mouth but didn't know it can whiten your teeth also:)
will come back in a week


Ok. I`ve just try it...and think it really works but the result isn`t that amazing...i`ll try it tomorrow again :)

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