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My left ear was clogged for a couple days, so I finally decided to check online for a solution. I read part of a remedy where the person took a bath and let his ears soak in water, and then plugged his nose and blew hard. I tried the last part, and after about a minute of trying to push the clog out, my ear finally popped.

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NO! first of all if your ear is already infected, introducing it to water only increases your chances of getting fluid into your inner ear canal, secondly if you try to pop your ears by plugging your nose and blowing you could potentially rupture your ear drums which will cause severe pain, far beyond an ear ache...


ok, so i tried that thing where you plug ur nose and blow to pop ur ears and i suddenly felt very dizzy, then i couldn't focus on anything then the room was spinning and i felt extremley nauseous.... so my advice is DO NOT try popping your ears this way!


Plugging your nose and blowing hard will push pus into your ear which can lead to infectiona and other complications. Please do not do this.


It is an old wives tale that you with pop your ear drums by holding your nose and blowing. Only concussive air from an explosion of massive proportions could do that, not a little bit of air from the technique. It is far safer to hold your nose and blow that stick anything smaller that your elbow in your ear (quote from a doctor).


Thanks I did this and passed out!!!

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