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I got a really bad ear ache/infection and I don't have insurance, but fortunately I have a 2 month old that I am breastfeeding, so I expressed some breast milk and used a dropper to fill my ear canal with it. I let it sit for 5 minutes and when I sat up and let it drain the pain was GONE! It was so plugged up I couldn't hear, and after this I was back to normal. I will try the other remedies once I'm no longer breastfeeding though.

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ok... that would help if i had some breast milk. For once in my life i wish i did!


it had nothing todo with the breast milk it was the temp you idiot-- I heard in the 20's they used urine do you suppose it was the urine or the temp? Come on people


believe it or not breatmilk is antiseptic! if you have eye infection you can use breastmilk too.


Dr. Oz was just commenting that this also works for chapped skin and other infections too. As well as ear aches and common ailments.


To the person who talks about the temp of breast milk, what temp would that be exactly? Room temp? Cause the milk cools as it is expressed and is not warm at all by the time is goes into the ear. Did you think she just squirted it directly into her ear? She did say she expressed and used a dropper.

Breast milk does in fact have lots of good antibodies and antimicrobials. It is effective in treating certain bacterial infections and certain eye infections as well. So before you go calling people names, you might want to check your own information.


hmmmm i have an ear infection and my daughter is breastfeeding,, this may have saved me a trip to the doctor!!! She already said bend over mom.. LOL


I tried this last night and I woke up with nooooo pain..thank u so much


I really wish I was still beastfeeding. It's true. I used to use the milk for a 'cure all'. Even rashes an pimples. :(


I tried this last night and it worked wonderfully. And yeah, it's not the temp. I expressed and then used a dropper. It was cold going in. Not to mention, I had been using a warm compress on my ears before hand and that DIDN'T help one bit. I tried vinegar and some HP didn't help. I was going to try the breast milk and if that didn't work I'd have resorted to urine. Lol. But thanks for saving me time!

Knowlege Seeker

Both Dr. Oz AND Bear Grill (the aussie mountain 'survival' expert) have touted the effects of FRESH urine for its antiseptic properties. The good news is that EVERYONE has access to that, but not everyone can get their hands on 'fresh breast milk'! I saw a TV episode of Bear's where he DRANK his own urine, as a demo that, in an emergency situation you CAN do this. However, you cannot let either of these 'sit' for any length of time as they will become contaminated with bacteria.
I'd try some of the other home remedies listed on this site before I'd try the urine, but its good to know that's an option in 'pinch'.

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