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go ahead and use bleach on your poison ivey... the nurses who say do not put chemicals on your body are ignorant. unless you use organic soap you are putting chemicals on your skin multiple times every day...

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I don't know about 'pouring' bleach on the skin but soaking a Q-tip shouldn't be too bad. If your PI is so bad that a Q-tip just isn't big enough to treat the area than bleach is not the solution for you, try something else.


screw that..i tried the bleach n it just made my poison ivy spread more


If you ever go through a hurricane and the water is not safe to drink you are told to either boil the water or put like a tsp/tblsp bleach in a gallon of water. Been a while I don't remember the portion I would look it up on a website by disaster response people. But also DILUTE bleach soak for warts works, is common affordable remedy. We are in part at websites like this because we have to find what is affordable and some of these products are just a ripoff.


I had about given up, even steroids were not working. I decided to try the Chlorox Bleach Gel pen. I simply put a dot of the bleach on every dot of the poisin ivy. Left it on til it was almost all dry. Then I took a lukewarm shower washing with TechNu wash stuff, and then let my skin dry naturally. It dried out the blisters, calmed down the color of the rashy bumps-- they went from almost purple beet red to deep pink and flattened out. And best of all did not itch for 6 hours!!!! I may finally not be up until dawn tonight. Once it was calmed, I used the prescription 2 1/2 % Cortisone. I will repeat the process tonight.

OTC Caladryl and Benedryl sprays and liquids seem to make my poisin ivy worse. Am I allergic to something in those products?

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