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go ahead and use bleach on your poison ivey... the nurses who say do not put chemicals on your body are ignorant. unless you use organic soap you are putting chemicals on your skin multiple times every day...

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yea but bleach is very powerful

Nurse Evil

You can say nurses are ignorant but who is crying when the bleach is burning your skin, not the nurse.


Nope I wouldnt do that I am so allergic to poison ivy I can catch it in the air. Have most everything including bleach and it got infected. No thanks


Bleach works well for me. I apply it with a Q-tip. It burns like heck until it dries, but then the itch is completely gone! I do it twice a day. Once in the morning before I get dressed and once in the evening after my shower. I don't know if it makes it go away any faster, but it sure makes the rash livable!


That's nuts! I would never put bleach on me. The smell alone is strong enough to stop a person from breathing...seriously. Bleach contains very strong chemicals and shouldn't be inhaled, let alone put ON your skin!


Organic soap is made of chemicals, too. Everything is except for light.


i happen to know bleach does work. ive also used alcohol. bleach is the best. it does burn but its better than letting it spread everywhere becuase nothing else is working. it isn't unhealthy. i learned of this through my chemistry teacher.


It works because you are chemically burning off your skin with bleach. Not healthy! Please do not use bleach on your skin.


you keep saying bleach is bad.....look up different opinions on it. its okay for some and then others totally disagree. ive heard it works wonders....but hey who knows


I ended up in the hospital using bleach. I had very bad PI on my arm and my mom poured bleach on it. Wham! My arm swelled up like a balloon! It was one of the most painful things I ever went through.

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