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I'm a 3rd year proper student, taking up Dentistry...the only way you can remove the abcess is through drainage and not by using a tea bag,,tea bag can help in bleeding purposes. Self Medication is defenitely not advisable,.because the sharp thing that you would use to prick the affected area is not properly sterilize.,it would only cause more problem like infection or irritation.,nowadays., we use autoclave and no longer boiling..
the only way., to treat the periapical abscess,.is by root canal treatment or extraction .,,

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yea, if you have decent insurance or money, it is easy to get fixed. those who are broke though and live check to check have to do all they can....

Maybe if people in your profession wasnt so greedy and actually helped people......


I agree to a certain extent.. It's not the greed that is the problem. There is bad seeds in all professions. The trick is getting the right health care. Which is already done. Now everyone can seek the correct care needed!


ya if you have health care. and btw, greed IS the problem. nothing you say will convince me otherwise. if dentists had a heart at all, they'd help people in serious pain for free. im sure you have alot of other procedures to do that will line your pocket with green.

lie buster

LIAR LIAR. I have seen at least ten dentists in the last 'One year' (coz I don't want the same dentist to earn off my misery esp. by increasing it. One of them has a poor memory and advises me to refill a (perfectly fine)tooth which I had got filled by him only a month back! When I reminded him he found no further need for a refill! Dentists are liars and cheats nowadays.


I had two dentists who wanted to fill non-existent cavities. And let's be honest...any profession that used METAL fillings in a mouth (where acid can erode the metal) is one that really has no clue. And then fights other dentists who want to remove the metal and replace it with something less toxic....seriously.

I agree about sticking things in your mouth that aren't sterile, but you are relying upon low-paid dental assistants to auto-clave and I'm sure I could go into 10 dentists and find half don't properly auto-clave.

Yes, it is all about the money. You might go into the profession because it's interesting, but in the long run you have to pay back your student loans, is a great motivator.

The key thing to remember is that you have to be aggressive about your own health and prevention. That's how Chinese medicine works ... prevention is more important than quick fix.

Today's medicine only seeks to reduce symptoms and not address the cause of the issue.

Don't assume all dentists are good. Only one of them graduated at the top of their class. 50% graduated below the 50% mark...There are a LOT of bad dentists, a LOT of dentists that have no idea if their staff actually follows good hygeine, etc.

And remember...they are putting tools in your mouth that have been used AGAIN AND AGAIN in other people's mouths. How do you know their equipment is working 100% as is their staff? You don't.

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