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so on Monday i finally had a doctors appointment to have my planters warts on my foot removed. but apparently this was not what was going to happen. They froze them with a liquid nitrogen substitute, and they were to fall off in a period of six weeks. i didn't think this was a big deal so i continued my day by going to school. by the last period of the day, my foot felt like it was burning. just a constant burn. it has been like this and it is incredibly painful to walk. it is now Thursday. i decided to look up home remedies because i am not convinced that the freezing will work.

I saw so many accounts of apple cider vinegar working so i decided what the heck! why not do it. so i am. i just applied it. it is already painful to walk and i am eager to get this going so i don't care if i do it during the day.

I hope this works because i am 16 and a total wimp and i am NOT going to the pediatrist to have them use a scalpel and scrape them out. NO WAY! if anyone thinks they are getting a scalpel anywhere near me the have another thing coming.

Anyways, thank you to everyone for posting about apple cider vinegar. I had it in my home and didn't even have to go out to buy it. :D YAY

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The surgery really isn't that bad if you decide to have it. I found it less painful overall than the freezing. The real problem is that it often doesn't work! It didn't for me. Plus when the wart reappear it had spread. Good luck with the ACV. Personally, I've gone two weeks using propolis as a result of the post prior to yours and it really does seem to be working with no pain whatsoever.

Take care. Good luck.


I had mine frozen, too, but my doctor told me it would hurt for a couple days. He also told me that after that I should apply a prescription acid to the warts every night after soaking my feet and filing off the dead skin.
It's been less than two weeks and I think it is working.
I'm a little nervous they will come back, though. Let us know how the ACV works for you!


I'm 13 and have had evil plantar warts for 4 years. i have tried all the things the doctors tell me to do, but none of them have worked so I'm going to try the RWV. I hope it works.

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