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I am a 22 year old female who got diagnosed with genital warts about 6 months ago. There was only 2 or 3 and they were pretty flat. My doctor prescribed Aldara and told me that would fix everything. SO WRONG! Not only did it not get rid of the warts, but they multiplied and got MUCH bigger. I came to this site and tried the apple cider vinegar remedy. It worked on the small ones. Then I tried vitamin C. THEY ARE GONE!!! What you do is take a vitamin C tablet and crush it into a powder then add just enough water to make it a paste (mine was similar to the consistency of spackle). Smear it on the warts, JUST THE WARTS, not the surrounding skin (serious yowzers!) and put a bandaid on top of it (if possible, or just cover it with gauze or something so it doesn't get anywhere too important haha). Leave that on overnight. I only had to do 1 night of treatment for each wart and then scrubbed it in the morning and it fell off. EVERY SINGLE ONE! This does hurt a bit, wayyy more than ACV but only takes 1 time. Also, boosting your immune system helps so step up those vitamins. Best of luck everyone =)

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omg the same thing is happening with a 22 year old female diagnosed about 5 months ago and they gave me aldar and they spread and got bigger!!!how can this stuff b legal? im trying what u did and hope it works..ill let u kno!


Omg. I really hope someone like me gets this info!! I'm 22 and have no idea where I got HPV. I unfortunately was on vacation when the warts started to pop up and I was confused and embarrassed to go to the doctors. I developed vaginal and anal warts =( I thought my life was over!! First I soaked a paper towel in apple cider vinegar and placed it like a huge liner in my undies. Within a couple of days ALL the small vaginal warts were gone! But the anal area had larger (maybe plantars) warts. I kept using ACV but now it was just irritating and inflaming the skin :/ so here's the trick - ACV two nights and try to soak in epsom salt baths every night. Keep area clean and as dry as possible (I used antibacterial wipe everytime I went to the restroom) then crush vitamin C tablets into thick paste w water and place ONLY on warts, tape up, and leave over night. Do this 1-3 nights untill warts turn black. Then in the day tape up w vitamin E oil. I wish I would have know this. But now I hope this works for you.


Will this work in vulva? Got this tiny bumps down there...???? I'm worried. Pls help

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