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Wear sunscreen when you are in the sun.

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(*sarcastically*) thanks i never knew how useful that one could be.


Umm, simmer down, people. Duh, we were all stupid and didn't do the sunscreen thing properly. oops.

And sunscreen does NOT CAUSE cancer-- vitamin D deficiency may be linked to it and since it blocks the suns rays that provide vitamin D... you get the picture.... however, sunscreen WILL PREVENT skin cancer. (not to mention prevent yucky premature wrinkles)

SPF 60 means it will take the sun 60 times longer to burn you after you apply it. That is all... so if you are complaining that even after you put on sunscreen you still get burned, always re-apply... especially after toweling off/swimming (it may be 'waterproof' but it is not towel-proof!)


hmm.. duh! I wouldn't be lookin for remedies to cure SUNBURN if i had done what u said and prevented it in the first place!


LOL thats great, as much a this damn burn hurts, I needed a laugh!


Try white vinegar and then take a warm shower , that is the best.


forgot after the warm shower rub down in aloe vera lotion




Today i wore spf 85 sunblock and with in 1 hour...even reapplying it...i still burne! its what i do so thans but i have PROM tomorrow and well you know im going with a peeling back in a strapless dress so thanks for all teh help jackass


Even with the sunscrean my son burnt it was applied about 5 or 6 times in 4 hours and he is still burnt

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