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Wear sunscreen when you are in the sun.

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nobody likes a smartass


i would have never thought of that!


the best way for you to treat sunburn is to take a raw egg and beat it then paint it on the sunburned areas and it will stop the burn and the blistering Oh, and of course in the future cover up and minimize your exposer to the
wear sunblock 30 or higher. Allow at least an hour in advance for the lotion to be set in . Reapply every two hours

Dr. James T. Naismith

Of course you should use sunblock, you smelly idiot!


Thats not a remedy stupid. That would be a prevention. And I did wear a lot of sunscreen you flaming retard. When you live in Arizona, pretty much, you're gonna get burt, sunscreen or not.

Ya right

U SHIT HEAD if i am on the site it means that I ALREADY HAVE A SUNBURN so shut the fuck up


this is a site to REMEDY a sunburn, and in hindsite sunscreen would be helpful, but thats hindsite. anyway i wear sunscreen, but i always seem to get burnt. so if you're going to be an idiot, take it somewhere else


Great, now they know we know about the cures, now they will come up with some different ones - for sunburns, try this........................

cont'd after my tanning session


Obviously you don't know any albinos, you insensitive bastard!!!!


I bet you were real proud of that retort, dick cheese...Easy with the self-righteous attitude!

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