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Wear sunscreen when you are in the sun.

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No Shit!


Really. The best medicine is always prevention.


oh come on isn't this an obvious one


hey what spf would u recomend using because wait that's the gayest post i've ever seen

bend over

Shame on all who spoke negetavily about the person who left the remedy not all
of us were born as vapmires the sun does have evil powers like right our skin has turned to jelly and our minds are thinking who the hell is writeing
this crazy crap!!!


I wear 45+ spf sunscreen when I am in the sun, and it still takes about an hour for me to have a blistering sunburn. Next tip?


wow! that was heplfull!! thankx i wouldn't have thought of that


Duh! LoL


Well, duh...I wear the strongest sunscreen and still get burnt!Some things that work for some people don't work for everyone...I supose next you're going to have some smart remark about to tell us to stay out of the sun!And, you need to read better the section was for sunburn releif not for before sun releif so there!I hate people who think they're all that!


Scary to say but sunscreens cause cancer. Don't believe me try reading Kevin Trudeau's book 'Natural cures they don't want us to know about.'

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