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Bleeding and gum pain are sign of poor dental cleaning from the dentist you attend. He/she may not be cleaning your teeth and gums deep enough to get rid of all the tartar you can not see.

Go to a dental hygenist(not a dentist) and asked them for a deep cleaning which may take more then an hour and may require a second visit in some cases. Dental Hygenist look specificily at the gums and are usually cheaper to go to then a dentist for much much better results.

I had bleeding gums, sensativity and pain in my gums often... the dentist told me you have to floss harder and brush more and gave me a clean. My teeth only got more sensative and my gums did not improve. Did one visit at the dental hygenist and 2 days later no bleeding when I floss and brush. Most importantly theres no more pain.

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Unfortunately no Dental coverage, cant afford to pay out of pocket :>


I don't have good medical coverage either, but will be seeing a dental hygienist Friday. I went the root of seeing a good practice, after a terrifying experience at at Dental Drams. They did a horrible job of cleaning my teeth, and claimed that I had two fillings. I 'never' get cavities, but took his word for it. My tooth is still hurting, as well as my surrounding gums, which I am sure has gingivitis now. I also got a bad case of tongue thrush at this dentist. When I asked the 'dentist' for his name, he told me his name was hard to pronounce, so just call him Dr. K. When I called the practice, wanting to inquire about Doctor K., they told me that there was no Dentist there with those initials. It will cost some money, but find a good dentist, and pay out of pocket. You only get one pair of teeth, and dental health is very related to overall health.


Dental Dreams


Bum hole


Thanks a lot for advice I know these where years ago but works so well👍


I am writing this For my mother She has no teeth just dentures And this happens quite often that her gums get very very sore So if anybody could tell me what is the best thing That I could have her do for her gums to get rid of the soreness the pain burning excetera


Google free dental day. Also look for dental schools that will reduce the price.

Gums & teeth pain: Clove & peppermint oil, swish mouth with warm salt water, use vanilla extract.

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